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Threading Dies


Made up of hardened steel, Suncutting threading dies are the perfect tool to cut a male thread on the outside of a rod or bars. Premium quality threading dies are incredibly essential to provide precision in cutting and extending the life of a die by reducing wear.

A good threading die is made up of premium quality steel, is adjustable, and can be molded per the screw that needs to be threaded. At Suncutting, we keep in mind we keep all of these in mind while the best threading dies are available for use in the metallurgical industry and beyond.

With sharp and raised inner cutting edges, Suncutting threading dies provide a smooth and efficient process of cutting threads onto the outer surfaces of the screw, rods, and bars without much hassle.

We have various threading dies available to cut threads onto any type of screw with sleek fitting and precision, improving the quality and shelf-life of screws.