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A Complete Guide to Magnetic Drill Machines

Posted by Harpal on 22nd Jun 2021

High-quality drill bits are in high demand in various industries like engineering, construction, etc. At Suncutting Tools, we aim to help you with all of your cutting tool needs. Due to the rising need of the drill bits in the market,different drill bits are designed to use for different material. Every type of drill bit comes with its merits and demerits. It is all up to you which type of drill bits you want based on your requirement.

For example, there are times when you need to drill a soft material and the other times the harder one. Then, which drill bit will work the best? It completely depends on the material, design of the drill bit.

The counterbore drill bits are used with an instrument called a drill machine. A drilling machine can be electric, electromagnetic, etc. Different kinds of drill bits can work well with a drilling machine. Therefore, people have the choice to choose the best-suited drill bits.

The most famous drill bits are titanium and cobalt drill bits. Both types of drill bits have their unique properties and use. Here, we discuss the uniqueness of cobalt drill bits and get to know how they are better. So that you can easily distinguish between the two. Also, these points can assist you to choose the better one for a particular operation.

Details About Cobalt Drill Bits

  • Cobalt drill bit is an alloy of cobalt and steel. These drill bits are durable.
  • They come with variations based upon the percentage of cobalt present in the mixture. For example, there is 8% cobalt in the M42 cobalt drill bits.
  • These drill bits become delicate if the amount of cobalt in the mixture is increased. Despite their delicacy, the cobalt drill bits become resistant to high heat.
  • Coming with great features, the price of these bits is also high. However, the cost of the bits pays you great value as they are long lasting. These bits are a perfect choice when you work with hard material.
  • You can sharp them again and again as per your need. These bits are strong enough to stay longer.
  • If we talk about the colour, cobalt drill bits come in golden colour. This unique colour can make them spot easily.
  • The heat resistance value of the cobalt drill bit is 1,100 degrees (Fahrenheit). This value also shows that these don’t get damaged easily. Their life span is also longer. Also, it shows that cobalt drill bits allow you to drill without the use of cooling fluid for a longer time.
  • Talking about the versatility, these bits don’t fail to surprise you with their surprising versatility. Their applications are numerous in various industries. The cobalt bits are perfect for commercial as well as home purposes.

Cobalt Drill Bits are used for:


Cast Iron

Stainless Steel

Final Consideration

The counterbore drillbits such as cobalt drill bits or titanium drill bits, both play important role in the drilling operations. Both are unique in their own way. As we have discussed the details of the cobalt drill bits, we can say that if you want to drill a tougher material then, don't look for the price and go for cobalt drill bits. Also, when it comes to durability and longer lifetime then, choose cobalt drill bits. Secondly, if the operation demands a long drilling time, select cobalt drill bits for the operation as they have the ability to stay cool even after a long drilling period.