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Annular Cutter - Quality Cutter

Annular Cutter - Quality Cutter

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 9th Nov 2019

CNC Cutting Tool – Annular Cutter

Hello, Readers If you are drilling a hole into metal then it is necessary that you should consider the use of annular cutters.

An annular cutter is a tool used to create holes in metal. It cuts at the periphery of the hole and moreover leaves a slug at the center.

To use annular cutters it is necessary that you should have proper knowledge about it. In this article, I am gonna guide you about annular cutters.

In this article, we will discuss what is annular cutters, types of annular cutters, benefits of using annular cutters and how to choose the best annular cutter.

What is an Annular Cutter?

An annular cutter is a tool used to make holes in metal. An annular cutter only cuts the groove of the hole and leaves a solid core in the center.

Annular cutter is very efficient as compared to other drilling tools but at the same time, it is more expensive too than other drilling tools.

An annular cutter is similar to hole saw but the geometry and the material of this are different from the hole saw.

There are two main types of annular cutter TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) and HSS (High-Speed Steel)

An annular cutter is the best to use with a magnetic drill machine or drill press.

You can view annular cutters here

Types of Annular Cutters

There are two main types of annular cutter HSS and TCT which are discussed in detail below.

TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tripped)

TCT cutters are made up of high-quality carbide and moreover it is preferred to work on high-speed applications and harder material.

These are cost-effective and very useful for drilling large holes. A high performance cutting fluid is to be used with annular cutters to increase their performance.

You can see TCT Annular Cutters here

HSS (High-Speed Steel)

HSS cutters are made up of aluminum additive known as M2Al which increases the life of the cutter. The aluminum additive has better heat propagation and less brittle character.

These cutters are most effective for mild steel applications. HSS cutter can be re-sharpen to extend cutter life. A high performance cutting fluid is used with HSS annular cutter to increase its performance.

You can see HSS Annular Cutters here

How to Choose Best Annular Cutter

If you are making a hole then it is necessary to understand which type of material is you are going to drill and apart from this you should know which annular cutter is to use for that material.

Type of Material

When you are drilling a hole it is necessary to understand which type of material you are dealing with. Material is the key factor to select an annular cutter.

It is necessary to get proper knowledge of material before buying an annular cutter.

Annular Cutter Types

After knowing what type of material you are drilling then you have to choose the right cutter required for your work.

Annular cutter are the standard for drilling a hole in any material. If you select a right cutter then it makes the job easier and saves your money.

Below I have mentioned the type of cutter type based on material type

Material Cutter

Aluminium M2 Coated (Make a table of

A36 Steel M2 this data)

Armor Steel M42 Coated

AR 400/500 M42 Coated

Stainless Steel 304 M2 Coated

Stainless Steel 316 Carbide Tipped

Hard Iron M42

Cast Alloy Carbide Tipped

You can see this type of annular cutters here

Benefits of Annular Cutters

  • Time and Energy Saving
  • Provide More Finishing
  • Easy to use
  • Can be re-sharpen
  • Available in Variety of Sizes
  • Low Cost

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