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​Essential Gunsmithing Tools

​Essential Gunsmithing Tools

Posted by David on 18th May 2022

Hobbyist, Repair, or Going Pro?

What is driving you to take up gunsmithing? Are you a mechanically inclined person looking to pick up a new hobby? Are you a gun owner trying to fix a beloved, but sadly broken, firearm? Are you a passionate gun enthusiast that’s thinking of a career in gunsmithing? All of these are subtly different practices that will need subtly different tools and different qualities of tools Here are some of the tools you’ll need and what things to keep in mind about them:

Hammer and Mallet

This basic gunsmithing tool is essential for gunsmiths of all kinds. There is, luckily, not a ton of variance in brass hammers for the professionals. If you’re more interested in repair or hobby gunsmithing, brass hammers and mallets can be applied in a number of situation. The brass hammer is essential for when you need to drive in something with force without marring the original metal. Guns, which are typically made of steel or other sturdy metals can easily hold up against the softer brass. Driving in some of the pins that hold guns together will require this handy tool.


Sold alongside most brass hammers are the similar brass punches. Brass punches work hand in hand with brass hammers to set pins in place in guns. Sets of any kind are where you are going to need to pay the most attention to which tools you buy. The important thing to keep in mind is that cheaper tools will work at least once. Think about how often you are likely to need a specific tool. If you are repairing a gun, and likely will only need a few sizes once, there isn’t much sense in buying an expensive set. A hobbyist who wants to make as many differing varieties of guns as possible will need a higher quality set. And for a pro? Purchasing a low quality set and then complementing it with high quality replacement parts for your most commonly used components will save you a bundle.

Drills and Taps

The rule for purchasing sets is especially true when purchasing drill bits and screw taps. Drill bits will help you create all the holes your gun will need, and screw taps will let you thread the holes. This is especially important for guns you intend to add modifications to. A well threaded hole is the difference between being able to purchase and add-on an ACOP scope with illuminated reticule and having to settle for a poorly zeroed iron sight.

Hone Your Craft

There’s just something amazing about doing something for yourself. Guns are awesome, but bulding your own gun? There’s no topping that feeling. Remember to pick up the right tools and practice the skills you’ll need to be the best gunsmith you can be.