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High Speed Steel vs. Carbide Cutting Tools

High Speed Steel vs. Carbide Cutting Tools

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 9th May 2020

Carbide vs High Speed Steel

Widely used in the cutting-tool industry, H.S.S. offers great quality at a great price. It’s useful because it can be used in a wide variety of machining practices. While high speed steel cutting tools can be used for plenty of CNC jobs, ultimately carbide has replaced many HSS tools. This is due to the fact that carbide cutting tools can be used at a wider variety of speeds than high speed steel cutting tools. The jobs where carbide has overtaken HSS mostly include boring, turning and milling. HSS is still widely used when it comes to drilling because those are done at high speeds. I foresee in the future that carbide will overtake HSS in drilling, but for now HSS is used much more rampantly by the machinists. The CNC machines are great for carbide cutting tools because they have the necessary power to get the job done while older machines are able to use HSS cutting tools only in many cases.

A major factor for the wide use of HSS cutting tools is the cheaper cost than carbide. At Suncutting Tools, we sell a wide variety of high speed steel cutting tools which include high speed steel end mills, hss special thread taps, hex dies, round dies, annular cutters, lathes and more. A key difference in the carbide tools versus the high speed steel tools is the cutting speed capability. The carbide tools can cut many times faster than the high speed steel tools. This makes them far more efficient and productive in many cases depending on the material. The use of cobalt cutting tools is a nice happy medium if you’re limited to HSS cutting tools due to cost. While they are not quite carbide, the allow for more flexibility in the machinists’ job at hand. Tin coating HSS tools also is extremely helpful in increasing the tool’s capabilities because they make the tools much more durable than a barebone High speed steel tool. While the efficiency and productivity of the tools goes up, so does the cost of the cutting tools also. It will take many years for High speed steel to be replaced by carbide tools because of cost. At suncutting tools, we will continue to provide the best possible solutions for our machinist community. We look forward to serving gunsmiths, aviation mechanics, cnc machinists, industrial factories, and utility providers with our full product line.

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