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Importance of Tool Bits in Machining

Importance of Tool Bits in Machining

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 2nd May 2020

There are many ways to approach machining and tooling when it comes to what cutting tools to use. Ranging from the most specialized taps, dies, lathes, and saws; we have most cutting tools available to customers at a great price. Today’s focus is tool bits. Different from many cutting-tools, the tool bits are non-rotary which usually only have 1 point. Having been around for hundreds of years, the production of tool bits has evolved over time. These single-point cutting tools are used by the automotive industry at a large scale for the production of automotive parts. Early on, tool bits were made by the application of heat in a forge. The tool bits were created with carbon-steel. Eventually the tool bits’ material shifted from carbon steel to HSS in the early 1900s. With a wide availability of tool bits today in different materials such as high speed steel, carbide, and cobalt; it is important that the machinist identifies what type of metal they need for the job. New technological advances allow for cnc machinists to have the ultimate precision in their jobs. Capitalism in the tooling industry allows for the costs to go down with an improvement in quality.

While the methods and materials involved in tool-bit creation continue to improve, some people still use the old methods & materials out of habit. At Suncutting Tools, we put the customer first always and look forward to continuing to provide all types of specialty cutting tools. We understand the customers have different preferences when it comes to materials for cutting tools and we look to have all of the options available. If we don’t have a cutting tool listed, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to have the tool available for you. Lately, we have had customers inquiring about specialty LH dies, tool bits, special hand taps, end mills and more. Our tool bit line includes: carbide tipped tool bits, HSS rectangular tool bits, cobalt square tool bits, cobalt rectangular tool bits, cobalt round tool bits, and more. We provide our customers with custom orders as well by request. As technology and research continues to improve, we will be adapting our product line with the new cutting tools. We understand the importance of being on the cutting edge and look forward to continuing to supply our customers with the best cutting tools possible. Please check out our full online catalog of specialty cutting tools.

Check out our full line of tool bits:

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