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Inside Chucks

Inside Chucks

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 23rd Nov 2019

CNC Cutting Tools – Chucks

Hello Readers, Today we will discuss about Chucks used in Lathe Machine. Chucks is a special type of clamp used in lathe machine to hold an object of radial symmetry.

Chuck is one of the essential devices in the lathe machine. The object of large diameter and short length or of any irregular shape object can be easily mounted in the lathe with the help of chuck.

Chuck attaches to lathe with the help of bolts that are stick on the spindle nose which rotates within the headstock.

You can see some example of this chuck here

There are various types of chucks, but in this article, we will discuss the main six types of chucks.

Types of Chucks

There is various type of chucks used in lathe machine, but below we have discussed the main six types of chucks.

If you are dealing with a lathe machine, then you must have proper knowledge of chucks used in this lathe machine.

1. Four-Jaw Lathe Chuck

In four-jaw lathe chuck, the four jaws are located at 90 degrees to each other. In this, all four jaws are open independently.

Moreover, in this four screws are used in place of scroll disk. This is the reason why it is called as four jaws independent chuck.

Each jaw of four-jaw chuck is build up by tough stell and moreover, it has three inner and one outer gripping surface.

There is a concentric circle present in between the chuck which supports the quick centring of the workpiece. This chuck is mainly useful for setting up heavy and irregular objects.

Three Jaw Chuck (Universal Chuck)

It is the most common type of chuck used in lathe machine, and it is made of tough stell. In this, each jaw is present at an angle of 120 degrees to each other.

In this jaw, the teeth mesh with scrawl spiral teeth. Due to this meshing, all three jaws move away or towards the chuck.

This chuck is run by a key known as chuck key. Moreover, this chuck is useful for holding round or hexagonal workpieces.

In this chuck, the jaw is centred quickly and automatically. It has only one disadvantage that it has less gripping as only three jaws are there.

Combination Chuck

It is clear from its name that it is a combination of two chucks. It is a combination of both self-centring and an independent chuck.

In this, each jaw works individually. The frame has teeth cut on the underside which meshes with the scroll. Due to this, all jaws move together radially.

Magnetic Chuck

Magnetic chuck can hold a thin workpiece of magnetic material that cannot hold in an ordinary chuck. It is also helpful for distortion of the workpiece.

The holding power of this chuck is very powerful due to the electromagnets or permanent magnets introduced within the chuck.

Collet Chuck

Collet chuck is required for holding bar stock where quick settings and accurate centring is needed. This chuck fix with the spindle with the help of nuts.

The inside part of the collet is cylindrical, hexagonal, square etc. Moreover, it depends on the shape of the object pass through it.

The outside part of the surface is present in the taper hole. In this, the workpiece is securely and accurately held in the chuck. Collet chuck is available in various type of sizes.

Air or Hydraulic Chuck

This type of chuck is useful for mass production work. It has a fast and effective gripping system.

In this hydraulic or air cylinder is present at the back end of the headstock spindle. Moreover, the fluid pressure is pass to the cylinder with the help of a lever and the piston.

Drill Chuck

Drill Chuck sometimes uses in lathe machine for holding straight objects like reamers, drills etc.

The chuck is holding by either tailstock or headstock spindle. Moreover, it has centring jaws operated with the help of a rotating key.

Above we have only discussed six types of chucks, but there are more types of chucks available in the market.

You can check out all type of chuck here

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