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Investing in your CNC Cutting Tools

Investing in your CNC Cutting Tools

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 20th Jun 2020

CNC cutting tools help to perform various tasks performed by traditional masters. People who use cutting tools generally have the skills to design and manufacture different types of finished products, such as a wide variety of metals. Depending on the type of work to be done, manufacturers using these tools will need specific sizes and types of CNC cutting tools.

How to choose the right knife for your business?

A quality CNC cutting tools comes with a cutting table of four to eight feet, allowing you to meet a standard plate of metal. As you can imagine, a tool that does not have a table of sufficient length or width, the operator will have to change his material several times, which will considerably reduce his efficiency. This repositioning is called indexing by the CNC cutting tools users.

Choosing the right CNC cutting tools implies a clear understanding of the nature of the cut to be made. While some types of manufacturing require only a straight cut, others require pleats with the requirements of shaving, mowing, grinding, and shrinking. Therefore, the selection will involve precise knowledge of the manufacturing process.

Other factors to consider when choosing a CNC cutting tools

It is important to remember that any type of cut will subject the CNC cutting tools to some wear. As a manufacturer, you need to make sure that your tool has the proper support and maintenance for the customer.

Excellent customer support can be determined by checking the availability of spare parts for your tools, since the lack of spare parts may require conversion of the electronic components of the CNC cutting tools. This would deprive the operator of significant production time, reducing the number of goods that can be sold to the consumer. Therefore, excellent customer service and proper maintenance should be one of the main concerns of the manufacturer, and the other should be the size of the cutting table.

While this may not seem as important as the availability of spare parts, it is just as important because a high percentage of indexing time means less time for an actual breakdown. This also results in a reduction in the number of finished products, which ultimately negatively affects the conditions of the business.

Financing of a CNC cutting tools

It would be a good business strategy to consider renting a quality cutting tools. You can also get the full costs to cover secondary investments, freight, installation, and other costs. Leasing financing will allow you to buy tools at current prices, but your costs will be paid at a future cost, which will undoubtedly be higher.

At Suncutting Tools we provide great quality at a great price. We facilitate all of your cutting tool needs to the best of our ability. We specialize in providing specialty cutting tools such as special thread hand taps, hex dies, annular cutters, chucking reamers, and more. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. 

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