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New Year, New Cutting Tools. New Magnetic Drills

New Year, New Cutting Tools. New Magnetic Drills

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 1st Jan 2020

CNC Cutting Tools - Magnetic Drills

Hello Readers, Today we are going to discuss about Magnetic Drills. Magnetic drills are portable drilling machines with a magnetic base attach to it.

Magnetic Drills can use milling cutters, rotary cutters, annular cutters, and twist drill bits. Moreover, these drills are useful for threading, reaming, and countersink.

Magnetic drills machines are a faster and portable alternative to other drilling machines. Moreover, it can drill holes on steel or any other magnetic material with an accuracy of 0.01 mm to 0.05mm.

The magnetic drill consists of three main parts Base, stand, and arbor. The base of the magnetic drill is made up of a strong electromagnet

The drill stand is the main body of the magnetic drill. Moreover, on this stand, the electric switches for motor and magnet are present. Arbor is a chuck present in a magnetic drill attach to the motor.

In this article, apart from this, we are going to discuss the uses of magnetic drills and types of magnetic drills and how to use magnetic drills.

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Uses of Magnetic Drills

  • It is useful for drilling metal material.
  • Maneuvering pieces of steel
  • Useful for drilling large pipes

A magnetic drill works in every position. Moreover, it is a portable machine, so you don't need to move the job to the drill. Magnetic drills are useful for fixing press drill, which is a very complex and time taking task. But with the help of a magnetic drill, you can do this task easily.

Types of Magnetic Drills

There are five main types of magnetic drill which are discussed below:

Light Weight: These are very lightweight type magnetic drills. Moreover, it is useful for performing various kinds of operations. It helps work on an electric pole, mobile tower, bridge, TV tower, etc.

Semi-automatic and Automatic Feed: These types of drills with semi-automatic and automatic feed are very popular these days. Moreover, it helps save time and energy. So it will increase the production rate.

Pneumatic: These drilling machines are useful when there is a danger of fire or explosion due to electrical shock. Moreover, in this, the magnet used is a permanent magnet, not an electromagnet, and the motor is driven by compressed air.

Cordless: These types of magnetic drills are useful for the workplace where no electricity is present. Moreover, in this, any magnets like electromagnet and permanent magnet can be used. In this, the motor is run by a rechargeable battery.

Horizontal: These are horizontal magnetic core drilling machine. Moreover, in this machine, annual gears are present for confined drilling solutions.

You can see all these types of drills here

How to Use Magnetic Drills

Below is a step by step guide for using a magnetic drill:

  1. Place the drill machine close to the material where you want to drill holes.
  2. Tight the safety chain around the drill press.
  3. Install the drill bit and then fill the coolant liquid.
  4. Align the drill bit with the marks on the material.
  5. Turn on the magnet.
  6. Switch on the machine.
  7. Now start drilling slowly in the material. Once you get proper posture to apply more pressure until the holes are fully drilled.
  8. In the last switch off the machine and clean the drill chips before drilling the next hole.

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