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Post Covid 19 Tooling

Post Covid 19 Tooling

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 19th Apr 2020

Our cutting tool world may forever be changed. The CNC machining industry and most industries for that matter may end up changing their protocol in how they operate. Social distancing may be the new norm unfortunately world-wide. While all of the tools such as the special thread taps, threading dies, annular cutters and sharpeners, end mills, cobalt drill bits and more will stay the same… our daily interactions with people may change. Our daily operations may involve a more conscious effort towards great hygiene and distancing. I think these are positive changes because it may prevent a harmful spread of germs down the road. We look forward to continuing to provide you with great cutting-tools at a great price. We provide CNC tools made in the USA and premium imported tools. Our machining supply business continues to grow thanks to our loyal customers. We emphasize premium customer service and we take a concierge approach to our business. It is encouraged for our customers to reach out regarding a quote for special cutting tool orders.

We continue to explore different ways to help factories and machinists. If we do not have a product listed, please reach out and we may have it available. At Suncutting Tools, we do our best to accommodate everyone’s cutting tool needs. Currently, we are staying up to date with the CDC guidelines and monitoring the covid-19 situation closely. The machining industry appears to be holding strong and this is a testament to all of the hard working machinists, gunsmiths, sculptors, aviation mechanics, tooling experts, and people in the machining industry.

Our orders have still been fulfilled at an incredible rate and that is a testament to the hardworking people in the shipping industry. We thank our shipping providers for continuing to provide great service. While companies are adapting daily operations, we look to continue to provide promotional discounts in order to help our customers. Currently, we have a site-wide discount on nearly all of our cutting tools which includes our specialty tooling items as well. Carrying high speed steel tools, carbon steel tools and carbide allows for us to cater to a wide variety of customers depending on their needs. We look forward to continuing to serve our customer base during these trying times. Please reach out to us at Suncutting Tools for any inquiries.

Here is a link to one of our high quality annular cutters: