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Suncutting Lesson- Reamers

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 4th Dec 2019

CNC Cutting Tool – Reamers

Hello Readers, Today we will discuss about Reamers. A reamer is a type of tool used to cut a metalworking material.

Reamers are used to enlarge the size of previously formed holes. Reamers provide a high degree of accuracy in the work and make your work easy.

The process for increasing the size of the hole with the help of reamer is called as reaming. Reamer is a multiple edges cutting tool with a cutting edge on its periphery.

You can see the examples of Reamers here

In this article, we will discuss parts of reamer types of reamers.

Parts of Reamers

There are three main parts of the reamers fluted section, neck and shank. All of these parts are discussed in detail below.

Fluted part of reamer consists of chamfer, starting taper, sizing section and back taper length. The main cutting action of the reamer is done with the help of starting taper and sizing section. Moreover, the back tapers remove the friction between reamers and the whole surface.

Types of Reamers

There are many types of reamers, but below, we are discussing some of the essential types of reamers.

Hand Reamer

As its name suggests, it is a reamer that is operated with hands. In hand reamer, a wrench is present on the sequence of a reamer. Moreover, the flute may be helical or straight and the shank is straight on the wrench.

A longer taper or lead is present in front of the reamer. It reduces the risk of breakage and also allows the reamer to start straight without any problem.

You can see various types of hand reamers here

Machine Reamer

Machine Reamer is very similar to hand reamer, but there are some characteristics of machine reamer that are different from hand reamer. This reamer has a very less lead in it.

In machine reamer, the shank is taper whereas in hand reamer it is not. This is one of the main difference between machine reamer and hand reamer.

In machine reamer, there is no risk of wandering. Moreover, with the help of machine reamer, a machine can start cutting immediately.

Chucking Reamer

Chucking Reamer is a type of machine reamer, but it has shorter flutes than machine reamer. It is also known as a rose reamer or flute reamer.

Chucking reamers are mainly used for cutting rough materials. Moreover chucking reamers are also treating as softening reamers.

You can check out chucking reamers here

Fluting Reamers

In fluting reamer, the holders present are not rigid but are of fluid shape. Flute reamer has right-hand flutes that are useful for accomplishing a sheer and smooth cut.

Fluting reamers are useful for filling previous holes without restraining, which results in a better hole. Moreover, it has a high tendency to dig big holes in soft material.

You can see fluting reamers here

Tapered Reamer

Tapered reamers are used to make a tapered hole. Moreover, it can also be used to get a taper pin. A taper pin is basically a self-tightening device.

The taper pin can be driven into any hole and to remove this, you need a hammer and a punch. It is mainly useful for joining two or more sections.

This type of reamer is also useful for saving pulleys, collars and much more things.

Shell Reamer

Shell reamers are solid reamers. It reduces the cost of production by doing the work that is done by big reamers.

In shell reamer, cutting portion is spilt-up into two parts and it is present on standard shanks. However, shell reamers are not very rigid and accurate.

Shell reamers are useful for reaming bearing and other similar items. Moreover, it has flutes almost everywhere.

Above we have only discussed some of the reamers, but there are more types of reamers available in the market.

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