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Taps, Taps and More Taps at Suncutting Tools

Posted by Joseph Hernandez, Founder on 31st Oct 2019

Hello, Are you threading a virgin material or repairing a damaged thread then there are no of factors you should consider to done this job.

To do the job with the least amount of wear and tear you should have the proper equipment and knowledge of the work.

There are two types of threading internal and external both of them explained below in detail

Internal Threading: This type of threading done by the tools that screw INTO the bar. The bar itself is internally threaded.

External Threading: This type of threading done by the tools that screw ON To the bar. The bar used for this is externally threaded.

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There is a more precise classification of taps which discussed below.

Types of Threading Taps Required for CNC Cutting

There are many taps that you may need for CNC cutting some of the most important of them are mention below. All type of taps have their own advantages and disadvantages over other

Hand Taps

Hand taps are the most common type of taps but they are generally avoided for CNC work

Applicable Standard for hand tap is ISO 529

There are three main types of hand taps which are mention below

Bottoming Tap: This type of tap has almost no tapered at the end. This is because it uses to thread the bottom of its reach.

This type of threads is useful for threading blind holes. Only 1 to 1.5 threads will be tapered with this tap.

Taper Tap: This type of tap consists of a lot of tapers. Due to which it becomes very easy to cut threads gradually.

In tapered tap first 8 to 10 threads are tapered.

Plug Tap: This type of tap comes in between of taper and bottoming. This is because it is more than a bottoming tap and less than a taper tap.

In plug tap, 3-5 threads are tapered moreover Plug taps are also called as secondary taps.

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Power Taps

These are the type of taps that are mainly used for CNC applications.

Spiral Point Taps: This type of tap has a spiral cut with relive grooves. They look like hand taps but there is a spiral angle on the front cutting edge.

This type of tap is the least expensive tap and are more useful for power tapping. This is good for tapering holes but it is not useful for tapering blind holes.

you can see types of spiral tap from here

Spiral Flute Taps: This type of taps have an open spiral just like an endmill. The main advantage of this that they eject chips out of the hole. Moreover, this type of taps is use for tapering blind holes.

This type of tap is also preferable for a tapering interrupted hole. You had to do very less effort to use this type of taps.

You can see this type of taps fromhere

Pipe Taps: This type of taps need for tapping pipe threads. It has both straight and tapered pipe taps depending on whether the pipe thread is to be straight or tapered.

This type of tap has to work very hard to drill holes as they have to remove a lot of material to make a hole

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Above is a list of only some taps but at Suncutting tools, we have a more variety of taps that you may need for CNC cutting.

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If you are planning to buy a tapping tool for your business then always remember about Suncutting tools. You can trust us blindly. We only deliver quality products and all of our products are design by experts.