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Threading Dies, and we're not talking dice

Threading Dies, and we're not talking dice

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 7th Nov 2019

CNC Cutting Tool – Threading Dies

Hello, Readers Today we will be going to discuss about the threading dies. Threading dies is use for making a thread on the outside of rods and bars.

If you are using a CNC Machine to thread a hole on outside of any rod or bar then it is necessary that you should have proper knowledge of threading dies.

In this article, we are going to discuss what is threading dies and types of threading dies.

What are Threading Dies?

Threading dies are tools use to cut a male thread on the outside of rods and bars. Moreover, threading die provides precision in cutting and increase the life of a material.

These dies are made up of tempered and hardened steel which are fixed in a stock.

Threading dies are either use for thread cutting or thread forming. Thread cutting can either be internal or external.

These dies use rolled threads that have greater strength than a cut thread. Moreover, it requires more energy to roll a thread rather than cutting a thread.

You can see a wide variety of threads here

Types of Threading Dies

There are three main types of threading dies circular dies, two-piece adjustable dies and die nut which is discussed in detail below.

Circular Dies

These dies use for producing full threads with a single operation. However, this die does not permit desirable adjustments of the screws over the stock.

In circular dies, the threads are tapered on the side to facilitate the comfortable start. The die is assembled correctly by making the shoulder of the stock socket at the top.

Moreover, the thread is tapered at the bottom. Mainly these type of die used for cutting smaller thread types.

You can see a wide variety of circular dies here

Two-Piece Adjustable Dies

These dies are mainly used for creating long threads. The process of getting long threads includes a couple of cutting operations.

In this process die will be closed after every cut. Two-Piece Adjustable die ensure correct and genuine cuts.

Specific engrave numbers are over the die which is on the same side.

You can see a large variety of these dies here

Die Nut

In appearance die nut is the same as a circular or hexagonal nut. Moreover, Die nut is available in all size of the standard threads.

The main function of die nut is not to cut threads but to sharpen an existing thread. Die nut is run over an existing thread which might be blunted due to overuse.

These threads are useful for cleaning, restoring and easing out damaged threads on fixed studs. Die nuts can be easily operated by using a set spanner or ordinary spanner.

You can see die nut dies here

Application of Dies

Threading die is used in various applications. These are commonly used in industrial metalworking. These threads are useful for repairing threads in stripped holes or bolts. Moreover, these threads are also used for rethreading jammed pipes.

Feature of Dies

  • Top adjusting screws
  • Side adjusting screws
  • Non-adjusting screws

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