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What do you want for Machinists?

What do you want for Machinists?

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 28th Jan 2020

In today's world we have many different types of professionals. We cater to professionals who deal with precision. Machinists deserve the best quality cutting tools available. We strive to deliver the best quality while not driving up the price high. We pride ourselves on our concierge approach to service. We will find the solution for your job whether it requires the smallest special thread tap available or if it requires a magnetic drill press. We have over 10 thousand products available. Our business is successful if you are successful in your jobs. We want to make sure we are providing you with the best tools for success.

We offer a wide variety of tools for different projects. No metalworking project is too big or too small for us. We look forward to delivering items right to your doorstep. We offer tools such as end mills, taps, dies, reamers, and more. These tools come in different styles including cobalt and high speed. If there are any suggestions you may have for us please feel free to message us in our contact box. We value customer feedback tremendously and look forward to providing you with our USA made or high quality imported cutting tools. For many tools we offer an American made option or a high quality import option. We firmly stand behind our quality of tools and look forward to transferring that quality to your project.

Suncutting Tools is based in South Florida. We ship internationally and we are proud in doing so. Airplane mechanics, antique shop owners, gunsmiths and many more types of machinists use our tools. We take pride in assisting with all of your cutting tool needs. While going to the store and finding some of these specialty type tools can be a daunting task, we bring the inventory to you. That way you do not have to worry about a store having your item in stock on a given day.

Please reach out to us for quotes on large cutting tool orders. Whether it’s an order of a bunch of taps or drill bits, we are ready to assist with your order. We will help make sure your order is complete to the highest standard. Our shipping is usually fairly quick and we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround.