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Why do you need a Counterbore?

Why do you need a Counterbore?

Posted by Joe Hernandez on 20th Jan 2020

CNC Cutting Tool - Counterbore

Hello Readers, Today we are going to discuss about Counterbore. The counterbore is a cylindrical flat-bottom hole that enlarges other coaxial holes.

Counterbore hole is mainly used as a fastener. Moreover, it is useful to sit flush below the level of a work piece surface.

The counterbore is also useful for taking away the form of a very shallow spot face. When an ambiguity arises in anything, then counterbore cutter helps to remove this ambiguity.

Counterbore hole is mainly useful when the head of a fastener is to be flush with or below the level of a workpiece's surface. Moreover, it is helpful to cut the spot face.

The counterbore is also useful to create a perpendicular for a fastener head on a non-perpendicular surface. Moreover, if this is not feasible, then self-aligning nut may be required.

The counterbore is also useful for making a conical hole and to seat a flathead screw.

The tip of the counterbore has a very less diameter as the pilot. The pilot matter little when running the cutter in a milling setup.

In this article apart from this, we are going to discuss the material of counterbore, specifications of the counterbore, and types of the counterbore.

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Material of Counterbore

Counterbores are available in a wide range of materials. Moreover, some of them are best at performing specific cutting tasks.

High speed steel is mainly used for cutting because it is very efficient and the cost of high-speed steel is very less.

Cobalt steel counterbore is harder than high-speed steel and mainly useful for counterboring in stainless steel and other alloys.

Carbide counterbore is also harder than high-speed steel. Moreover, carbide counterbore wears less and last longer.

Industrial diamond grade, like PCD, has a very long life. Moreover, it is useful for high-speed cutting of hard materials.

Specifications of Counterbore

To determine which type of counterbore will fit best for your work, you must know some essential specifications. So you can decide which kind of counterbore will work best for you. Below is a list of a specification that you should consider while choosing a counterbore.

  • The diameter of the counterbore.
  • The diameter of the integral pilot.
  • Number of flutes or cutting edges.
  • Diameter of hex size and taper size of mounting arbor

Types of Counterbore

Counterbores are available in various configurations. Moreover, counterbores are based on alphabetical designations common to cutting tools. Some of the most common classifications are given below.

  • Type B
  • CB
  • CR
  • M
  • MS
  • R
  • X

Some special counterbores are available which designs for some particular tasks. These special counterbores include aircraft counterbores, cap screw counterbores, fillister head screw counterbores, blade counterbores, and back counterbores. These counterbores are explained in detail below.

Aircraft Counterbore: These counterbores have a standard chucking shank size. Moreover, they are mainly useful for nonferrous materials. This type of counterbore is used in aircraft.

Cap screw Counterbore: These counterbores provide a spot face for the head of a standard socket head cap screw. Similarly, fillister head screw counterbores provide a spot face for the head of a fillister head screw.

Blade Counterbore: These counterbores use straight blade protrusions from the side of the body to cut the counterbore.

Back Counterbore: These counterbores are designed in a way that the bore extends through the body of the material. So counterbore surface is on the opposite side of counterbore chuck.

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