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Available in metric and fractional/numeric

Want to drill a counterbore around another coaxial hole? You need the right counterbores to get the job done, and you have landed on the right site for that. At Suncutting, you can invest in premium quality counterbores that do the job sleekly and efficiently. Counterbores are very essential to fit a fastener, such as a socket head cap screw.

A high-speed, strong cutting counterbore is very essential to drill a hole that holds the fastener tight in place. This ensures that the screws go in well and the manufacturing base is more sound and of better quality.

Whether it’s panels, shanks, or metal plates, Suncutting counter bores take after the name as they are sharp with precision and cut through smoothly, making your fasteners fit into place soundly.

Available in metric or numerical-fractional type, the counterbores at Suncutting give you a strong sense of satisfaction when it comes to manufacturing equipment allowing you to bore as you desire and fit as per your requirement.