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Drill Bit Sets



Complete stock of drill bit sets. We stock Bright & Black general Purpose & Heavy Duty, Black & Gold General Purpose & Heavy Duty, TIN Coated General Purpose & Heavy Duty and Cobalt Super Heavy Duty for a wide variety of materials. Available in Fractional, Metric, Number, and Letter Size to suit all of your needs.

Are you someone who is about to start off the manufacturing process in bulk and is looking for the right equipment? You have landed on the right site. SunCutting has the best equipment sets available at your disposal to invest in and use from.

The drill bit site is a collection of premium quality drill bits that you can attach to your drill machines to make the holes of your liking. They are made up of premium quality hardened metal with a longer shelf-life and lesser wear and tear capacity so that you may use them for more extended periods of time.

Equipment is a manufacturer’s best friend, and the drill bit sets at SunCutting are definitely an example of that. Our sets are diameter customized so that you get what you want, and you drill through your work pieces like a pro at work without hustling to look around for more precise pieces and fittings to work with.