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End Mill Sets


Making shapes and holes in your workpiece may be a one-machine task but getting them to be precise, burr-free, and smooth is the actual craftsmen's ship. This is only possible with the right tools. At SunCutting, we have end mill sets that provide precise drill holds, allowing you sound manufacturing procedures.

Whether it's milling, profiling, contouring, slotting, counterboring, drilling, or reaming, our end mill sets are the perfect fittings of equipment available to make drill the holes. We ensure our products to be made of premium quality hardened steel that makes them easily go through any metal.

No matter what the material you want to cut through. Our end mills sets are available in cobalt, steel, and metal material to slice their way circularly into all the machines and equipment. The super-affordable range has sets of 6 end mills, each with a different quality to cater to your different drilling needs. These sets are all you need to drill your way through.