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Threading Taps


Available in Taper, Plug, and Bottom.

Cutting screw threads would never have been this easy. As much as it’s a menace, it can be made easy with the right quality of threading tap in hand. Suncutting brings you a variety of threading taps available in taper, plug, and bottom so that no matter what the screw type, our threading taps drill in sleek and smooth.

Built-up premium steel and high-speed threading taps are available in all sizes. Our standard threading taps cut through the screw threads smoothly in the clockwise direction, and the fast speed makes them spin and works through efficiently.

Moreover, our NS variety of threading taps are built for cutting through special threads. All your metal works and molding are now at ease with us as with our tools, you can through any screw threads stuck in any nut or bolt.

Get a single threading tap or a set of three (taper, plug, bottom) with immaculate variety at the most affordable rates only at Suncutting.