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Wire Wheels and brushes

Complete stock of wire wheels.

Revving engines and fast cars don’t go fire just like that. Their wheels are the real deal. Wire wheels are specially customized more robust than the regular wheels fr cars to speed up on the roads. Hence, they require extra care as well.

Suncutting brings you a variety of wire wheel brushes that helps you take the excellent quality of wire wheels whether you own or sell them. Available in three options; bench wheel, knotted, or cup wire, these wire wheel brushes help you maintain the health of your wire wheels while keeping them clean in all aspects.

Not only cleaning, but our wire wheel brushes are also the best quality tool that you would need for cutting, cleaning, deburring, edge blending, polishing, and surface finishing. They leave your while wheels as good as new so that manufacturing cars becomes easier, precise, and more adventurous.

Check out the variety of wire wheel brushes available at Suncutting for an insight into how the best equipment looks like.