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Woodruff Key Seat Cutters H.S.

Woodruff, also known as Keyseat cutters or keyway cutters, is an essential manufacturing tool when it comes to making T-slots in panels. Some machine and manufacturing operations are nearly impractical without them.

At Suncutting, you can find this vital tool is essentially the best quality out there with sharp cutting edge teeth designed into straight or staggered shape so that your cutting and manufacturing processes smooth out like never before.

Made up of hardened metal, woodruff keyseat cutters at Suncutting are essentially your best tool for a lot of machining and manufacturing processes. They are used to make keyway-like panels in the manufacturing equipment to fit in other bits and pieces and are essentially required to build up soundly.

If you are someone who is in search of this essential piece of equipment, your search ends with Suncutting, as our premium variety got you covered for any and all day-to-day manufacturing processes.